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Campaign 9 Highlight Far Away Has Yet Another Fragrance!

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Posted on: 04/26/24

I must say Avon has done it again. The Far Away brand has Many fragrances that are beautiful in scent and timeless. There is Far Away Bali, with a tropical and whimsical scent. It smells like a fruity breeze but is subtle and pleasant. Then there is the  Original Far Away scent which has a more musky scent with a bit of amber and vanilla. My current favorite is Far Away Gold. It is hard to describe this scent but it's a good scent to wear on a date (only on a date). Now there is a new fragrance in the Far Away family. That fragrance is  Far Away Escape. With its fruity floral scent, you'll have a perfect fragrance for summer. Go to my Avon Store to check it out.




Stephanie Fulcher 
Avon Representative

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